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Are you exhausted and frustrated that your baby isn’t sleeping well? Do you dream of sleeping through the night again? You have come to the right place.

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I’m Shan and I am here to help you and your baby get some sleep!

I help sleep deprived moms teach their baby to sleep through the night and take long naps during the day, WITHOUT feeling like a bad mom.

Waiting for your baby to sleep through the night does not have to take months or years. You don’t even have to read a lot of books on sleep training, do countless google searches or endure lots of crying.

You are your child's most important teacher. Teaching your baby to sleep great can be quicker and easier than you thought. Let me show you how.

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I didn’t know that I had to teach Addison how to sleep.

Before Jammy time, Addison was hardly sleeping. My husband and I were both exhausted as the only way we could get her to... Read More

We thought Owen was too old to benefit from re-sleep training, but Shan’s techniques worked amazingly well!! 

Owen had always been a great sleeper but when he was 2.5 , we moved him from the crib to a big boy... Read More

Shan listened to our concerns, and made a sleep plan suited perfectly for our son.

My husband & I have used Shan as our Sleep Consultant 2 times now. First, she helped us with our 2 year old... Read More

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Fall Behind: What does this mean for your baby?

Most adults love the extra hour of sleep in the fall and despise losing the hour in the spring. With children that all seems to change. The extra hour in the fall now means that baby is waking at 5am instead of 6am. Rest assured, within...

Everything you wanted to know about number of naps for your baby.

How much sleep should your child be getting in a day?   0-3 months  18-20 hours per 24 hour period 4-6 naps a day 45 min of awake time between naps   3-4 months 17-18 hours 3-5 naps a day 1 hour – 1.5 hours of...