Uh Oh! Time Change

Daylight Savings:  Spring Forward 

I love the fact it is light out later and summer is coming but I am always sad to loose that hour of sleep. It not only affects children’s sleep patterns, but adults as well. In fact, statistically there is an 8% increase in traffic accidents the Monday after Daylight Savings Time kicks in. It really does have an effect on all of us and it can increase our sleep debt — especially in children who tend to be much more structured with going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. That is usually why people notice it the most in young children.

So what is the best way to handle it?

My advice is to “split the difference.”

So if nap was usually 9:30am it is now 10:00am.  This will actually feel like 9:00am to your baby. Do the same with afternoon nap and bedtime. This will mean that your baby is going to bed a little earlier or sooner than the normal wait between sleep, but it is not so much that is should interfere with their schedule too much. It may take her a bit more time to fall asleep as she may not be as tired, but within a week she will be back on track again. On day and night 4, move to the correct time on the clock again.

The good news is the spring forward time change is typically an easier one than the fall back change. Most parents like to see the clock says 7:00am as opposed to 6:00.spring forward

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