Within 7 days the twins were sleeping through the night without a soother!!

I called Shan without my husbands blessing, as he thought that a sleep consultant was a ridiculous idea and so did many others in my life. I am a mother of twins: a  boy and a girl. My husband works a week out of town meaning I’m alone with the twins 7 days in a row. The twins were born prematurely with no sucking reflex, so to teach them this they were introduced to a soother. They became very dependent on a soother for sleep and through out the day. I couldn’t even go for a drive with out pulling over to stick one back in their mouths. They had no schedule for sleeping or for napping, when one napped the other was awake. This even happened at night.  I was getting an hours sleep at a time with an average of 4 hours a night, I was exhausted and at the end of my rope. So I called Shan, it was the best thing I ever did! Within 7 days the twins were sleeping through the night without a soother!!   I couldn’t believe this, my husband didn’t either until he came home. His first night home he was up listening for them. He was so shocked and now is a true believer in sleep consultants. The babies nap and sleep like rock stars.I am so thankful for their excellent sleep habits. Our daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and required surgery and a spica cast ( like a body cast) . She was in the cast for three months.  I really believe without her already having great sleep habits this could have been a rough time for her but she went to bed great every night.  The babies are 13 months now and still have great sleep habits. It took work, patience and consistency along with Shan’s help. We will always be greatful for Shan and her knowledge.

The Ball family, Cold Lake, AB