Within 3 days, our daughter was sleeping peacefully throughout her night.

From 6 weeks to 5 months old, my husband and I were fortunate to have taught our daughter to successfully sleep through her night. At 5 months, she became ill with the stomach flu. At this same time, our lifestyle became extremely hectic with various schedules. Our daughter was required to travel throughout the province multiple times a month, sleep in different locations and be flexible enough to keep up with us. Expectedly, her sleeping habits completely deteriorated during this time. By 11 months old, we were absolutely exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally. We ‘broke down’ and decided to call Shan – as per a referral from good friends of ours.  We started the program the very next day! Shan recognized our motivation and fit us in immediately.  We were honored to work with Shan throughout the journey. By day 7, her naps had fallen into place with great ease.  She was feeling more rested and so were we. Throughout the journey, we were extremely diligent at logging, staying connected with Shan for ongoing program modifications and support and following the program 100%. We successfully made it through the Sleep Sense Program. The customized program, expertise and support that Shan provides are absolutely priceless. Her calm encouraging words are the backbone of the program. At 13 months our daughter is still sleeping through her night, napping beautifully during the day and adjusts to new sleep settings with relative ease on days we are still required to travel.   We are so very pleased with the results Shan has enabled us to produce. Shan will always hold a special place in our heart.

Andrea & Tyler, Devon, AB