What I was looking for was a HUMAN that I could actually talk to.

Our 2 year old daughter was a great sleeper at one time, but the arrival of her new little brother threw a kink in her system when he was about 2 months old and she started waking 2-6 times a night for varying lengths. So between a newborn and a toddler up most of the night we were exhausted and very frustrated. The sleep literature available between the internet and books was overwhelming and we did not have the time, patience or energy to sort through it and try and guess where to start or what might work and if it did not, start all over 🙁 What I was looking for was a HUMAN that I could actually talk to (as the thought of trying to email someone the novel of my sleep night mare made me nauseated)  who was educated on toddler sleep to tell me what to do step by step and when or if plan “A” did not work or I had a question I could call them and they would tell what to do next!  That was exactly what Shan did for our family!! She was very supportive and encouraging throughout the process especially when our daughter was up 11 times one night and I wanted to quit.  Before we started we had a few challenges in our schedule that I was afraid of that Shan supported us through for example, my husband works shift work and is away for bedtime a couple nights a week and we love to travel!  Six weeks after working with Shan we travelled to Manitoba our daughter has done a fantastic job transitioning to the holiday while still sleeping through the night. We are very grateful for Jammy time and the services Shan has provided. After working with Shan we found out that my husbands health spending account through his benefits reimbursed us which was an added bonus.  I would highly recommend this service anyone.

Carrie, Calgary, AB