What a difference an hour makes.

That’s all that took for our little guy to fall asleep the first night we implemented Shan’s custom-made program. He fell asleep and stayed asleep until the next morning. It was a big relief for my wife and I. He is also a different child. Well rested, he is a lot of fun to hang out with and he laughs a lot more. We thought we had it easy for the first few months after our little guy was born. We would rock him to sleep, put him down in his crib and he would wake up 10-12 hours later. That changed when he turned six months. Out of the blue, he started getting up three, four times per night. At first we thought it was the jetlag (we had been in Mexico for a week prior) or the long flights. After over a month of getting up three to four times a night, we had to admit it wasn’t the jetlag anymore. We read a lot of books, websites, etc. to find a solution. In the end, he needed a program. Correction: WE needed a program. Shan sent us a list of questions regarding our son and she drafted a program tailored to him. It took about an hour the first night for him to fall asleep and he slept through the night on day one and the following ones since. What we did not want to do is to leave our child alone to cry it out like some methods suggest. Shan’s method had us fully engaged in the process and brought structure to what we were doing. We had a role to play and Shan helped us through the process.  Five months later our son still sleeps very well and so do we! If we have a setback, we can refer to the very elaborate notes Shan left us (i.e., how to manage naps, trips, daylight savings time, etc.). We highly recommend her services.

J.C. and Georgia, Calgary, AB