We thought Owen was too old to benefit from re-sleep training, but Shan’s techniques worked amazingly well!! 

Owen had always been a great sleeper but when he was 2.5 , we moved him from the crib to a big boy bed in preparation for his baby sister to be born and soon move into the crib. From the first night he was in the big bed on, we struggled… initially with him staying in bed, the multiple excuse to get out of bed, then the worst came when he would wake up and get up 6-12 times a night, EVERY NIGHT. It took a toll on us, especially with a new baby! That’s when Shan was referred to us from a friend who had great success with both of their children. We saw steady improvement after the very first night. Shan was so supportive and encouraging the entire time. She was easy to get a hold of and gave us the tools we needed to continue this process even after we were done working with her. I would recommend Shan to anyone with kids having sleep issues! She’s a LIFESAVER!!!  THANKS SHAN!

Erica & Kyle, Andover, Kansas