We realized that we were having success the first night!

Before enrolling in 5 Days to a Better Night’s Sleep, we were having difficulty getting our 5 month old to go down for naps and bedtime.

It was emotionally breaking both of us and causing us to dread anything involving sleep.

After taking the course and working with Jammy Time everything is different! We are now able to put our son down, confident that he is able to self soothe to sleep. We know he will sleep through the night and naps are starting to improve as well. We know that if anything does come up, that we have a plan in place and a support system for any other questions or concerns.

We were so worried that the first night was going to break our hearts but within 25 minutes our baby was asleep. He only woke up once during the night and was able to self soothe back to sleep. This was also his first night without any feeds! AMAZING.

Our life has significantly improved in all ways possible. Not only is our baby sleeping well, but so are we. We get to enjoy every minute with him now instead of dreading the next sleep. We are more confident as parents and can enjoy our down time together.

Ashley, Calgary, AB