There are not enough words of praise to express the amazing difference Shan has made in our lives!

Our son had colic in the beginning and we got through that time with the belief that things would magically change around the 4 month mark. Unfortunately it didn’t change much, as our son continued to wake through the night. In a desperate bid for sleep, we brought him to our bed and I nursed him on an off through the night. Friends and family said that when our son started solids he would sleep. He didn’t. The books we read said that night weaning would solve all our problems. So we night weaned, but our son still could not sleep without us by his side holding him. He could not go more than an hour or two without waking. Naps involved either my husband or myself laying beside him the entire time.We endured 21 months of sleep deprivation and it was finally catching up to us. No one was getting a proper night’s sleep and it was showing. My husband and I could not enjoy our evenings together, because one of us was constantly running upstairs to our son who would wake every hour. We were stressed out and did not know what to do. Then my dad gave us Shan’s website and that changed everything.Shan is a true professional who actually cares about your situation. We felt her concern and that was reassuring (because isn’t every parent afraid of messing up their children somehow?). Shan gave us our personal plan and we began immediately. The first 3 nights were difficult, but bit by bit we began to see progress. We were committed to the plan and it delivered. We were in disbelief! If someone had told me that I would be able to put my son in his crib, kiss him goodnight, leave and he would sleep until morning (6:45/7:00) I would have laughed. It was that far-fetched to us! We simply couldn’t imagine our son being able to do this!Now we put out son to bed at 7:00pm and don’t hear a peep until morning. We are still in shock at the time we have on our hands now! And naps are improved too. The plan takes effort and a commitment, but Shan is ready to go above and beyond for you. In the end, it is absolutely worth it! If only we had known about the program sooner! But as you can see, it works for a 21 month old, so it’s never too late to start! Everyone will be happier for your efforts.

Shuji and Candace Osawa, Calgary, AB