The first time my twins slept through the night, they were 10 weeks old.

The first time my twins, Dean and Gwen, slept through the night they were 10 weeks old. They both slept 9 hours straight! We followed Jammy Time Sleep’s Everything You Need To Know About Newborn Sleep from the beginning. It’s designed to teach brand new babies positive sleep habits so they learn to go to sleep and stay asleep on their own, bridging their own sleep cycles. This eliminates the need for traditional “sleep training” methods later on.

The babies just turned 5 months old and are sleeping 8-12 hours consecutively every night. Not only did the guide help us with sleep but also with building the babies circadian rhythms, teaching them early the difference between night and day. It also gave us the steps needed to transition out of swaddles. I would recommend this guide to anyone expecting or with a newborn. I’m scared to think of where we would be without it!

Courtney Ketchen , Calgary, AB