The first night of the program, she slept better than she had the entire month leading up to the program.

Red rimmed and bleary eyed, my husband and I were coming to dread night time, as well as nap time.  During the first 3 months, our pediatrician had told us to never let our daughter “fuss it out.”  As such, every time she cried, we did our best to make sure that we gave her everything she needed – milk, a fresh diaper – and countless hours of rocking her to sleep.  Our night routine was continuously getting elongated, and we kept adding new things to get our little girl to sleep.  After feeding and burping her, we’d swaddle her, give her a soother, turn on her “Sleep Sheep,” rock her and read to her for close to 2 hours to get her into sleep, and then as soon as we’d transfer her into her bassinette or crib, she’d wake up, and we’d have to start the process all over again.   Each night, she’d wake up between 3-6 times, and, with the long process of getting her back to sleep; it meant almost no sleep for the two of us.  We’d tiptoe around the house while she was sleeping, terrified to wake her up, and couldn’t get anything done, or spend quality time with each other.  Her naps were erratic – some days she’d sleep the better part of the day, other days she wouldn’t sleep for even one minute, which resulted in a very fussy baby, and very frustrated parents.

We stumbled across Shan’s website while researching our options, and called her right away.  We were both really skeptical, and felt that the process likely wouldn’t work for us.  After speaking with Shan, I cleared our schedule to commit to the program, and, we forged ahead.  Leading up to “Night 1” my husband and I were dreading the “amount of crying” and “sleepless nights” we had been anticipating, but, we were so pleasantly surprised!  The first night, our daughter only fussed for about 45 minutes, and learned to put herself to sleep without the multiple sleep props we’d come to use on her.  The first night of the program, she slept better than she had the entire month leading up to the program.  She took to the new night routine very quickly, and, although we’d gone in hoping to only feed her one time each night if necessary, she now typically sleeps for between 10-12 hours each night, and settles into her naps relatively seamlessly.

Shan was amazing to work with.  She was very knowledgeable, supportive and very prompt in replying to my multitude of questions each day.  My husband and I keep saying that this program is the best money that we have ever spent.  We are back to having the energy to truly enjoy playing with our daughter, and going back to our daily routines, and our little girl is so much happier, more playful and is reaching her developmental milestones now that she’s sleeping better also.  I would highly recommend Shan and her program to any family/person struggling to solve their child’s sleep issues.

Angelina, Calgary, AB