The experience has been life changing.

My husband and I were literally at our wits end, neither of us had slept for any length of time in 5 months. We couldn’t fully enjoy new parenthood as we both were suffering from anxiety based .sleep deprivation.  A friend of ours recommended Shan and Jammy Time.  I was a complete non believer as my baby didn’t seem to want to sleep anywhere but in our bed and only seemed to soothe when nursing. I was exhausted and all out of hope but my husband wanted to try….I’m so glad that we did.The experience has been life changing. Our baby has slept for 12 hours a night, every night since starting the sleep program 5 weeks ago. She also takes 2 naps a day. We are a completely different family. We are all so much happier now and able to enjoy all of baby’s waking moments. She loves to sleep and bedtime is a happy time. We are so grateful to Shan for her work and highly recommend her to everyone with an infant.

Lisa & Jeremy, Red Deer, AB