Sleeping through the night in just 2 days.

I found out about Jammy sleep solutions by word of mouth from other parents who had great success. My son was 19 months and still woke up every 3 hours during the night. The only thing that managed to get him back to sleep was a bottle. He did not want a soother. I tried to dilute his bottles, try to offer water, I tried not giving him anything but nothing seemed to work. If he woke up and was too awake nobody in the house was sleeping for the rest of the night. I was back at work and was always tired. I was too tired to try anything that doesn’t work again. I just could not afford to function on even less sleep and from the lack of sleep my migraines was getting out of control. So I wanted to do it right this time.   Within 2 days from starting with the new program my son was sleeping through the night. I was amazed. I tried every suggestion people gave me and nothing worked. I was so happy to finally find something that  worked. The support was great and Shan gave the best advice about small changes in sleep routines and during sleep times that seem to have changed everything. I now just follow the same routine every time put him down and pick him up in the morning. In the past 2 months I had to go into his room only 3 times in total in all 3 cases he was asleep within 5min.  I wish I knew about Jammy sleep solutions a long time ago! It is so effective I am recommending it to everyone who has small children.

Dr. Marne Hauptfleisch, Bonnyville, AB