Shan was very considerate regarding my concerns and hesitations.

As I sit down to write this testimonial, I realize it’s been about 2 months since I first contacted Shan to enlist her help.  Unfortunately for Shan, I don’t think my writing skills are proficient enough to adequately describe the profound change she has had on our lives.  When we called her, our 17 month old was still waking multiple times through the nights…every 2-3 hours.  Sometimes it took us 30 minutes, or 45 minutes or 60 minutes or longer to get him back to sleep.  Essentially, neither my baby, husband nor I were getting enough sleep and it was having an extremely negative effect on our family. We were in survival mode.   My eldest son (nearly 2.5), although a good sleeper, was still affected by our short tempers and grumpy nature – due to extreme sleep deprivation.  And as I mention my eldest son, I want to also comment, that I did sleep training with him on my own and had success.  I had even used similar techniques that Shan re-taught us.  But for some reason, there was a blockage with my abilities in teaching my second son – and thus we needed Shan!Shan was very considerate regarding my concerns and hesitations. Like many parents, I felt that my second son was extra stubborn and just didn’t think he would ever be a good sleeper.  Because of colds and congestion, we had a bit of a delayed start and even a pause about a week into our training.  Shan was very understanding and supportive of this and helped us get back on track.  She made tweaks in our sleep plan on multiple occasions – tailoring training to our situation –which I think added greatly to our success. These days when I put my son down to sleep there are no tears, and he sleeps a solid 11-12 hours.  Consequently my husband and I also get much more sleep and have time to ourselves!  Our moods are so much better, and I feel like a human being again!  Our family is much happier today than two months ago when I finally reached out for help!Thank-you Shan Roth for making our family happier!  I will be forever grateful.

Kerri, Calgary, AB