Shan reassured us that the goal of sleep training was to get the girls to go to sleep on their own (as opposed to purposely eliminating night time feeds).

While we were blessed with twin girls, we were suffering from severe sleep deprivation before reaching out to Shan.  Being first time parents, we knew we were likely doing things wrong but didn’t know exactly what to do to fix things.  Shan was recommended to us by a friend and we immediately reached out to her.  We were a bit concerned that it was too early to engage in sleep training as our girls were only 3 months when we started, but Shan reassured us that with the goal of sleep training being to get the girls to go to sleep on their own (as opposed to purposely eliminating night time feeds), the timing was just right.  We read all the success stories and were a bit skeptical, thinking we might be the only ones where things just don’t work and we’d be a helpless case.  But we were so exhausted we decided to give it a try.  I’m sure glad we did.

The first two nights were tough, but by the third night we had extended periods of sleep with only 1 night feed and by the end of the two weeks the girls were sleeping through the night on their own.  It was pretty incredible.  They have kept up this fantastic sleep ever since, and my husband and I have seen a huge improvement in our quality of life.  The nap schedule is equally as important as Shan explained to us, since sleep begets sleep, and Shan was able to help us with that too.  I appreciated Shan’s support and encouragement along the way.  She was always available whenever I had a last minute question, even if it was in the evening or on the weekends.  To this day I continue to have questions that Shan answers promptly as well.  Shan is incredibly knowledgeable about children’s sleep habits and patterns and we feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.  She truly has been the best money we have spent in a long time.  I would never hesitate to hire Shan again or recommend her to a friend.  Thank you so much Shan.  We look forward to continuing to work with you.  Sweet Dreams!

Krista & Darren, Calgary, AB