Shan made happen what we just couldn’t seem to make happen on our own.

Our daughter Hannah turned two a couple of months ago, and it was around that time that my husband and I knew the time had come to change her sleep situation. We were confident that it would make all three of us happier! The desire for change in this area had been there for quite some time and we were now VERY ready to make the change, but we weren’t sure how to accomplish what we had in mind. That’s where Shan came in! Thank goodness a friend of mine had just been helped by Shan and referred us! Shan made happen what we just couldn’t seem to make happen on our own. Everyone else that we had asked for advice on the matter had a different solution and it was getting very frustrating! But Shan was very encouraging, understanding and straight-forward with the approaches we needed to take and she kept us on track during the whole process. The first night of the sleep plan was to be the hardest, but it went way better than I anticipated, and from the second night, Hannah caught on to the routine very quickly and adapted beautifully to her new bed time and the routine we followed each night. We even incorporated an afternoon nap after about two weeks of the plan, and Hannah naps daily now! For the first two years of her life there was no set nap-time or bed-time; now she is enjoying the consistency of her routine and sticker charts, and she is a happier little girl because she is getting the sleep she needs! Additionally, my husband and I are thrilled to have evenings together for quality time alone! What a blessing! With our second child arriving in April, I am so grateful that Hannah is going to bed by 7:30pm instead of 10:30pm, that she can go to sleep on her own rather than needing me to fall asleep, and that she sleeps straight through for 11-12 hours! My only regret is that we didn’t contact Shan sooner! I feel like we were all stressed out to the max because of our sleep situation for way too long; it is hard to imagine we were doing things that way a short two months ago! We truly are a happier family now and we are SO grateful for everything that Shan has empowered us to do! Our lives are much better now because of the choice we made to hire Shan.

Rhonda & Chris, Sylvan Lake, AB