Shan listened to our concerns, and made a sleep plan suited perfectly for our son.

My husband & I have used Shan as our Sleep Consultant 2 times now. First, she helped us with our 2 year old son. And 6 months later, she helped us with our 6 month old son. Both trainings were extremely successful, all due to Shan.

Our 2 year was an amazing baby sleeper, but turned into a horrible toddler sleeper, mainly due to lots of colds and the flu last winter. He was sleeping in bed with us at naptime and bedtime. With a second baby on the way, we knew we had to get him out of our bed! In just 5 nights he went from refusing to sit in his crib to waving goodnight, blowing us a kiss and going right to sleep.  My husband & I tried the cry it out method several times, but it never really worked. Shan listened to our concerns, and made a sleep plan suited perfectly for our son. It still brings us so much joy 6 months later to see him look forward to the bedtime routine vs dreading it every night.

6 months later, I contacted Shan again as our second son was also sleeping in bed with us for both naptime and bedtime. He refused to sleep without mom by his side. We were up several times a night nursing. As our first son was a great baby sleeper and only took a bottle, it was like we were first time parents again! It’s crazy how different babies can be, even when they’re siblings! In just 2 weeks, Shan help us get our 6 month old son into his own crib, sleeping 2 – 3 solid naps a day, and 11 hours straight at night. He goes to bed happy and wakes up happy. Again, Shan created a sleep plan that was suited perfectly for this son.

Now, going forward my husband & I feel confident that if sleep regressions were to occur with either of the boys, we are equipped with the skills to get them back on track. Shan was patient, professional, and most important knowledgeable and offered many suggestions & advice based on our doubts and fears. She’s a miracle worker! Thank you Shan!



Lindsey, Calgary, AB