Shan is a great coach and very supportive.

We started working with Shan at Jammy Time Sleep Solutions when my son Avery turned 3 months old. Prior to working with Shan we used to get Avery to sleep by rocking and bouncing him, giving him a soother, and or giving him a bottle. Within the first couple of days of working with Shan we were able to stop those bad habits and give Avery the support he needed to learn to fall asleep on his own with no props. Shan is a great coach and very supportive. Shan’s reassurance and knowledge gave us the confidence and support we needed to help Avery learn to self sooth and fall asleep on his own. Today Avery is now 4 months old and able to fall asleep when he is put down awake with no sleep props. Avery is also starting to have longer naps and only wakes up once a night to feed.

Caylee, Vegreville, AB