Shan and Jammy Time Sleep Solutions program are a blessing to parents!

I literally can’t say enough about how amazing the program is and how it actually works!  My husband and I were 100% ready to be 100% committed and consistent and as Shan promised if we were, the program was guaranteed to work and did it ever!

After 6 months of unplanned naps, no structure or routine to naptime, a 10:30 pm bedtime which required lots of rocking (aching arms/shoulders) and swaddling, soothers, feeding to sleep and a baby that woke up the moment we put her in the crib, we knew that our baby needed better sleep habits and that there HAD to be a better way!  Obviously what we were doing wasn’t working and we admitted to each other that it was time to consult! Thankfully we found Shan!

I am so grateful that we put our faith in Shan to sleep train Alexandria as it’s been the best decision that we have made yet as parents. I’ll admit I was hesitant at first as I did NOT want a cry it out approach and was concerned that it would be.  My concerns were put to rest however (pun intended) when the program worked even better than we hoped with a manageable amount of “protesting” and our daughter is now a dream nighttime sleeper and daytime napper… she actually asks for naps and bedtimes and puts herself to sleep within minutes.

Both the financial commitment and time/emotional commitment from my husband and I were a very small short term price to pay for giving our baby girl the long term gift of a lifetime of great sleep. Who wouldn’t want their child to be an independent sleeper?

The program worked well and Shan was able to help support and provide suggestions to help us get through a developmental hiccup halfway through training when Alexandria learned to roll around and start to sleep on her tummy.  Our sweet girl now sleeps 11-12 hours uninterrupted through the night and we can practically set our clocks to the minute for awake time, nap time and bedtime.

The best parts?

NO swaddling, NO soothers, NO rocking to sleep, NO late night bedtimes and NO feeding to sleep!

There is no better sound than hearing Alexandria giggle and coo herself to sleep and wake up happy because she is finally getting the good sleep that she needs and deserves! We now feel completely confident and equipped to respond to all sleep needs and changes that may happen in the future as well!

I must truthfully admit that I now feel compassion for parents who are still strugging through sleep issues, nightly wake ups and babies who won’t go to sleep and wish that they would contact Shan.

I recommend Jammytime Sleep Solutions wholeheartedly to any parent of any child, young or toddler aged, who wants a child who can sleep well and put themselves to sleep on their own. The freedom and extra time we now have as parents and a well rested and even happier baby is a dream come true! Alexandria thinks so too!

Julie & Philip, Okotoks, AB