Our daughter is a changed baby.

Our daughter never seemed to like to sleep. From birth she fussed or woke as soon as she was put down in her bassinet or crib. She would only sleep 2 hour stretches at night and napped for 10 minute increments during the day. By the time she was 7 months old we were desperate and constantly relying on the baby swing or nursing to sooth her to sleep. We had tried a few sleep techniques from various books but nothing seemed to work. Finally we called in reinforcements. Shan developed a consistent routine for naps and bedtime which avoided our common sleep props. It was easy to follow and our daughter took to it the first night! I was expecting hours of crying but it only took 15 minutes and then she slept through the night. In fact she has slept through the night every night since! The follow up support was fantastic and all our questions were promptly answered. I am a bit of a skeptic so if you had told me how drastically things would change in so little time I never would have believed it. Our daughter is a changed baby. I can’t thank Shan enough for helping us give our daughter the restful sleep she needed. The extra sleep for us isn’t too shabby either!

Lindsay Kopperson, Calgary,AB