My husband and I were a little apprehensive at first.

Our son was, well to put it lightly, a terrible sleeper! He was a very colicky baby for the first three and a half months of his life, and we believe he developed some really bad sleep behaviours because of this. Our constant and tireless efforts to comfort him throughout his colic meant we would jump through hoops to calm him and ultimately get him to sleep. There were full on days where I would wear him as an accessory on my shoulder just so that he would close his eyes and rest. We would rock him for hours, put him in his swing, dance, sing, rely on several sleep props and nurse him just to get one hour of sleep out of him most other days. We were even co-sleeping, which I was not a fan of from day one solely because of the safety concerns, but we did it just so our little guy could get some shut eye.

Once he was four months old, both my husband and I were so run off our feet from the absence of sleep, we knew it was time to start implementing some sleep training methods. We researched online and tried literally every method there was, but nothing worked. Finally, as a last resort, we tried cry it out… and to be honest I think we cried harder than he did! Finally, while opening a new tab on sleep training assistance on our computer, Jammy Time Sleep Solutions popped up so I opened the site and read a little about Shan and her sleep sense solutions qualifications and the method.

My husband and I were a little apprehensive at first, just because we thought our son defied all sleep logic, but we decided to contact Shan to explain our dilemma and see what she thought. Our initial phone call with Shan was already putting my anxiety at ease. She was helpful, knowledgable and assured us that sleep training was not only possible for our baby boy, but that he would be a lot happier once he was finished training. As new parents, to hear that our baby would spend less time crying from being overtired and cranky, and more time sleeping and being happy… well just the thought of it brought tears to our eyes.

We decided to give it a go. The first night was definitely the hardest, but as the week continued it started to get easier and easier. Our son was learning really fast how to self soothe and get the hang of being in his crib and sleeping on his own. Unfortunately for us, he also started to learn how to roll which threw a wrench in our sleep training plains, but nevertheless, we pressed on. Now, just over two weeks in, we have a happy baby who takes three naps a day, all around an hour or more and sleeps 11-12 hours a night with only a couple wakings to roll around and master his newfound skill.

He is a MUCH happier baby and we couldn’t have done it without Shan. He continues to improve more and more every day and we are just getting started. Our family and friends are in utter disbelief, just based on what they too had experienced while babysitting our son. My husband and I now have a lot more time to ourselves to get things done around the house and to spend time alone together. We can’t thank Shan enough!

Darcy & Marissa, Calgary, AB