My daily communication with Shan was the best part of the whole sleep training journey!

Tommy was 11 weeks old when I reached out to Shan for help. He had acid reflux and cried every time we tried laying him flat to sleep. I pretty much had him in the baby carrier for 12 hours a day. At nighttime my husband and I took turns holding him upright on a pillow to sleep which was so unsafe. Tommy was also colicky and would cry every night from 8pm till 1am! We were so sleep deprived from taking care of Tommy and our older toddler that we had turned away all requests from our friends who wanted to come meet Tommy.

I was excited to begin our sleep training program as Shan was confident that she could help Tommy sleep independently despite all the issues I had described. My daily communication with Shan was the best part of the whole sleep training journey! Not only did she provide the reassurance that I needed she also helped me customize Tommy’s sleep plan to achieve the best results.

Night 1 was difficult as expected but I couldn’t believe it when Tommy fell asleep on his own in the bassinet the very next morning for his first nap! By Day 3 he was taking a 3 hour first nap on his own. Even my husband who was skeptical about sleep training a baby with acid reflux said “Wow, Shan’s sleep plan works. No more taking turns camping out on the couch.”

Tommy has been sleeping well for 6 months now and hiring Shan was money well spent. We got our lives back and we’ve been able to give more attention and energy to our older son. When Tommy started sleeping better I was able to hug my older son without having Tommy in the baby carrier between us! Tommy now sleeps 11 hours straight at night and continues to be a great napper; so great that I have to cap his naps a lot of the times 😉


Kitty, Calgary, AB