It was so much easier to start with the baby as a newborn.

I started working with Shan when my middle child was around 5 months old. She relied on many props for sleep and her lack of quality sleep was evidence of this. She used a soother, slept in a swing and fed herself to sleep so the instant any of these were removed she was awake. This made for one exhausted family! Then we found Shan…phew!! We worked hard to remove the props and be as consistent as possible with naptime and bedtime routines. Within the first 5 days, our daughter was going to sleep independently and sleeping through the night! It was so awesome!! When I became pregnant with my third child I decided that I was going to work with Shan again right from the beginning to ensure that my child developed healthy sleep habits!! Let me tell you, it was so much easier to start with the baby as a newborn. It was such a natural process!! We really started focusing on consistent habits at about 3 weeks of age after we settled in at home. With Shan’s guidance we had an 8 week old baby that was going down for the night around 8-8:30pm and sleeping through the night until 7am!! It was such a relief to not have to go through the process of removing sleep props from my baby!! I would definitely recommend working with Shan to anyone that values a good night’s sleep and a happy baby!!

Melissa, Tofield, AB