It allowed me to help teach my baby how to sleep without feeling guilty of leaving her to cry for hours.

Back in November my babe was 3 months old and sleeping pretty well in her bassinet and crib. Then suddenly she wouldn’t sleep at all. Anywhere! We already had an established bedtime routine, but it included nursing to sleep which I didn’t realize was a sleep prop. We tried co-sleeping which she would maybe sleep a hour at most, usually only a half hour. Also co-sleeping just was not working for me and not something I wanted to continuing doing.

She would only nap in my arms or someone else’s. Never in her bassinet or crib. I was miserable and exhausted. I couldn’t focus on anything, my house was a disaster and I was not able to fully enjoy my time with my baby. Two weeks of 2-3 hours of sleep finally got the best of me and I decided to look into a sleep training program. I came across Jammy Time’s 5 nights to a better sleep. I debated it all morning and finally I called my husband and said it was happening.

The first night we completely changed our bedtime routine, put babe down, did the come and go approach. We did have 1 hour and 15 minutes of crying on and off, but she fell asleep and slept 5 hours! Woke up for a night feed and I had her back in bed and asleep within a bit over a hour. The next day she settled for her nap within 10 minutes! Since then it’s been a dream.

With the program it explained everything in terms that made so much sense! From the wake windows, how many naps per day at each age, how to manage night wakings and feedings. It allowed me to help teach my baby how to sleep without feeling guilty of leaving her to cry for hours and let her be a great sleeper as she got older.

At 4.5 months she cut out the night feed herself. She was sleeping so well she cut her first two teeth and I didn’t even realize she was teething! No sleep disruptions with them coming through.

Now she’s 9 months old, napping like a champ and sleeping through the night. She’s been getting fussy at bedtime the last couple nights but I sent Shan a message and she gave me some suggestions. Which I’m so grateful for. I owe my sanity and my happy, well rested baby to Shan and the 5 nights to a better sleep!

My baby and I are both well rested. I have time for house chores, I am able to cook proper meals for my family and I’m enjoying every minute with my babe when she’s awake. Thank you Shan! I highly recommend this program and wish I would have done it as soon as we started struggling with sleep.



Darea, Calgary, AB