Is it really going to work? Is it worth the money? Is it going to change our baby’s personality and attachment? Can’t we just figure it out by ourselves?

These are all thoughts that crossed our minds as we contemplated hiring a sleep consultant.  Feeling exhausted and desperate we decided that having the support of an expert like Shan would be beneficial.  It certainly was!  In just a matter of days, our son went from only sleeping in the car, stroller or while nursing, to sleeping peacefully through the night in his crib.  He is much happier now that he is well rested.  It has had a positive impact on everyone in our family, including our 3 year old daughter who gets much more quality “mommy time” now that her baby brother can nap in his crib.  Thank you Shan for helping us teach our son the essential skills of sleeping.  It will certainly benefit him and our whole family for years to come.

Shan’s process certainly does work and was without doubt worth the money.  We were especially impressed with Shan’s ability to analyze our son’s sleep patterns and make modifications as needed throughout the process – something we could not have done on our own.  We highly recommend working with her!

Elana & Elliot, Etobicoke, ON