I would just like to say a big THANK YOU!!

If you would of told me 2 weeks ago Chase would be sleeping through the night, I would of thought you were crazy. Before we met Shan we were putting Chase to sleep with a blow dryer, no joke! I was suffering from PPD and with the lack of sleep I was unable to function during the day after being up 6 plus times a night. This left me exhausted, frustrated, irritable, and totally unable to think clearly or make a decision. I had read many books, however each one offered conflicting advice and nothing seemed to be working no matter how hard we tried. I heard of Shan’s services through a mutual friend and I have not looked back since!With Shan’s support, and sleep advise tailored to Chase’s personality we were able to teach Chase how to sleep. More so I believe it was the tools, and encouragement that Shan gave us that set us up for success. Chase is a new baby, we thought he was happy before but both my husband and I agree he is even happier now that he is sleeping. We are no longer guessing, we know exactly what time nap and bed time are. Chase is adjusting so well to his new routine, and our family is much happier now that we are all sleeping.This was an investment worth every penny!!!

Colleen, Kirk, Keaton and Chase, Calgary, AB