I said I would never ever sleep train.

Before working with Jammy Time, my daughter was having multiple wake ups (average 5) throughout the night and up for the day between 420-530am. Probably only a broken 9, maybe max 10 hours of night sleep.

I was exhausted and my mental health was suffering. I knew in order to be the best mom possible I needed more sleep.

Shan answered all my questions and was there for support when needed. On about day 3, we started to notice a difference in our daughter’s sleep. We are on day 7 now and she is only having one wake up (to nurse) then back to sleep until between 630-730. She even slept right through until 6:10am one night!

She is happier- we noticed that right away- when we go to get her in the morning she is smiling at us and no longer fussy and crying due to not being rested. And I am a lot happier too! I have more energy in the day to be my best self!

I was really hesitant about this whole process. I said I would never ever sleep train. But one thing I’ve learned about being a parent is that you can never say never. It was way less painful than I predicted. You are with your baby throughout the process. She is still the same baby, except happier, and I’m a better mom because of it!

Danielle, Calgary, AB