I mean what can I say, this was a life-changing experience for us.

Anytime I heard “I slept like a baby” from someone, it made me think that clearly the person doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They have no clue how babies sleep at night.
These days, when I put down my son to sleep, I feel like I owe you a thank you note (or more). I mean what can I say, this was a life-changing experience for us. If you can put our before and after pictures side by side it would tell the whole story. But let me summarize it.

Before, my son (16 month old) was waking up every 45 min-2 hour intervals 6-7 times at night. This was happening every night for the last 6 months. We tried rocking, bottle-breast feeding, co-sleeping, taking-turns, scents, and all the other methods. I don’t remember sleeping 3 hours straight for the last 6 months. We were frustrated, tired, and ready to give up…My work was affected, our relationship was tense, it was truly hopeless. We were thinking our first kid started to sleep better at the age of 4. So another two years or so if we can bear…At first, we thought the baby was teething, or trying to walk, or some development that was impeding his sleep. We tried, baby medicines, herbal remedies, teas etc. Nothing worked, One night was good, the other night was hell.

When we had our initial consulting and you said “in 7 days we will have significant change in his sleep”, I had a quite “piffhh” and I rolled my eyes in disbelief. By the end of our first week, literally I was in “disbelief” of how my baby could sleep whole night by himself in his crib, in his room. In three weeks we were like winning the lottery but still think government will come and tax us some other way. It was too good to be true.

It has been almost 3 months now. My son sleeps just like the end of our 3 weeks consultation. Only better and goes to sleep like he’s going to a journey. He knows his routine, read his books, and say bye-bye before I turn the lights off.
We truly appreciate what you have done for us.

Mehmet & Odul, Calgary, AB