I love feeling like a good mom because my baby sleeps well.

Jacob would never sleep through the night, and took short naps throughout the day usually 20-30 min at the most.

I actually dreaded bedtime. It was always a game of how many times we would have to rock him, put the pacifier back in his mouth until he would finally go to sleep. I would get mad at times because I just wanted him to go to sleep.

Jacob slept through the night on Night 1, and I was amazed. Now Jacob takes a two hour morning nap, which allows me to get some work done during the day without being interrupted. Jacob is also much happier in between naps because he is well rested.

I knew this was working well when my husband said… wow that was easy when on night two I put Jacob down, sang to him for a couple minutes, and he rolled over and went to sleep.

I actually love bedtime now. I love his routine of bath time, story, song, bed, and I know that once I put him down I won’t have to do it again. I love feeling like a good mom because my baby sleeps well. We had a party the other night for my father in law so our house was very noisy… Jacob talked to himself for a minute or two, then rolled over and fell asleep. Even with noisy cousins running around, Jacob didn’t make a peep!

Taylor Chamulka, Nisku, AB