I feel human again.

The night before we spoke with Shan for the first time, our 14-month-old woke up at 11pm and stayed awake for four and a half hours. That was a bad night, but it wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary. It happened every few weeks. Normally, he’d be up two or three times a night but would at least sleep in between. We had no idea what to do. All I knew was I didn’t have the stomach to listen to him scream but I also couldn’t go on living like a zombie.If you’re reading this, you are probably living something similar. I don’t mean to sound all informercially on you but I am telling you honestly, it can end. You can sleep. All you have to do is call Shan.Words cannot express my gratitude for her expertise. Before we went through her program, I had so little patience. My four-year-old would be doing normal four-year-old things but I would find it frustrating and angrily ask her to stop. The baby, obviously exhausted, would whine and cling to me all day. It’s been about a month since the first night of implementing Shan’s personalized plan. Not only is our little man sleeping through the night but I now am, too! I no longer sleep with one eye open, wondering when I will be pulled from the bed I so desperately need. I have deep, restorative sleep. I feel human again. I don’t know what else to say. Shan is incredible. She changed our lives. I just wish we’d called her months ago!

Alison & Luke, Calgary, AB