I didn’t know that I had to teach Addison how to sleep.

Before Jammy time, Addison was hardly sleeping. My husband and I were both exhausted as the only way we could get her to sleep was in our arms or on our chest. I knew something had to be done but didn’t think we could sleep train before 4-4.5months old. I contacted Shan when Addison was 9 weeks old and we decided on setting up a consultation for when my daughter was 11weeks old. In the weeks leading up to the consult we utilized the newborn sleep guide provided to us by Jammy Time and the difference we saw in just a few nights was amazing. We had her sleeping anywhere from 6-9 hour stretches at night which is huge considering she would only sleep for 2-3 hours max leading up to that. Through working with Shan during the two week process we tweaked a few things and are starting to get Addison sleeping through the night. Amazing for a 3 month old.

Before working with Jammy Time I didn’t know that I had to teach Addison how to sleep. I thought that it would simply happen with time. I was exhausted and frustrated that she wouldn’t sleep and often had a very cranky baby on my hands.

Working with Shan was great. She provided the support we needed and expertise to make some changes to our routine so that we got Addison sleeping through the night. We made small tweaks along the way as things progressed and I feel that we have the tools to move forward with my daughter’s sleep going forward.

It took a few days and nights of consistency but when we implemented the changes Shan suggested and had Addison going to sleep around 7:30pm then not waking till 6:00am was when I knew we were on the right track.

The difference was night and day. We went from having a newborn that wouldn’t sleep unless she was being held to a newborn that is virtually sleeping through the night. It was important for me to do this for the good of our family as a whole. We truly enjoy our time when Addison is awake and sleep is much less of a source of stress.

Kailee, Calgary, AB