I am thoroughly convinced that Shan is Amazing! This program worked wonders for us!

As a new mother, I had been having difficulties really understanding how to get my son to sleep.  My son was getting close to 4 months old, and I was still getting up 4-6 times in the night to feed him, and his naps were 40 minutes – 1 hour long, 4 times a day, generally nursing to sleep, or putting him down and praying he would fall asleep in his bassinet on his own.  He was still sleeping in our bedroom, and we were exhausted! My parents and friends had told me to just let him cry, and I had tried that approach, but I couldn’t last for longer than 10 minutes before I would just nurse him to sleep.  I finally decided that we needed a professional.  That is where Shan came in…Shan had us fill out a questionnaire with our current situation, met with us for a consultation, and provided us with a detailed sleep plan, based on the information that she collected from our communications.  The plan was fool proof.  I followed it from day one, and believe me, I was terrified!  I had to make sure I had support from friends and family so that I wouldn’t fall off the wagon!  The plan was laid out so well that all I had to do was follow each step from bedtime routine to nap routine, to what to do in the case of a night waking, and my son got it.  The first night really challenged my strength, but Shan told me what to do if I came up against any difficulties.  In the morning, Shan called to see how it went.  Each morning Shan would check in, and after a few nights, I felt so much stronger.  The first night my son woke up 5-6 times, night 2 was only once, and night 3 he slept right through.  Over the course of the program, he has had a few more nights with wakings, but Shan gave me the information to be able to deal effectively with each situation, and for the last 5 weeks he has been sleeping through the night seamlessly.  We couldn’t have done it without Shan and her support.  She was always there to convince me I could do it, or tell me how to handle a situation if it were to arise, etc.   If I ever had questions, which I had many, she was there to help me along the way.  I can now enjoy an evening to myself and have a bath, have a conversation with my husband – uninterrupted, watch a movie, or even have a glass of wine, and not worry that I need to nurse in 2 hours.  I have my freedom back, my sleep, and my sanity!   I am throughly convinced that Shan is Amazing! This program worked wonders for us!

Sarah Thompson, Red Deer, AB