I am forever grateful for Shan’s help!

On a whim of desperation (after 3 months of hyperventilating bawling & screaming for hours & hours) I contacted Shan to teach us how to undo all the bad habits we had unintentionally taught our 9 month old daughter. We had a baby who slept through the night by 10 weeks old, and slowly regressed to waking 4-5 times a night by 6 months. Her napping habits even worse, 20-35 minutes in length, and needing to be held, nursed or in her carseat! Or if we dared to put her into her crib, she screamed and cried for hours & then some. Our daily “routine” was so scattered, our lives were completely put on hold, begging for the off chance that she just might sleep a little longer! And of course not to mention the stress put on our relationship, we were so exhausted that we completely isolated ourselves.The first night with Shan’s guidance and expertise, our daughter only woke once… And it has only improved from there! Now IF she wakes, she is capable of putting herself back to sleep! She is proving naps a little more difficult, but we have obtained a very strict nap schedule that allows for much needed structure! She has adapted very well to napping in her crib and no longer cries herself to sleep! I am forever grateful for Shan’s help! A well rested family is priceless!  I highly recommend Shan to everyone with kids!!

Stacey Zacharias, Edmonton, AB