Heading into the first night I was highly apprehensive..

Our daughter was a great sleeper at night by 2 months old, however that was only after spending 1-2 hours to get her to sleep and she was the “queen of 20 minute catnaps” during days. I began to feel like all we were doing was working to get her to get sufficient sleep.

We discovered Shan @ Jammy Time through a friend of mine, who previously had struggled with her youngest son not sleeping. The change in him was so dramatic that I am ashamed to say I felt deep pangs of jealousy. In a discussion with my husband we decided it was worth a try and if we didn’t do it sooner rather than later, we would regret it.

Heading into the first night I was highly apprehensive.. imagining what a special kind of torture we were all in for on night one. 56 minutes later our little baby knocked our socks off and was asleep for the rest of the night, and she did it all by herself. Next day (and every day since) she had all her naps in her crib and put herself asleep for them. WOW! We were so beyond amazed and pretty proud of our little girl for being such a quick learner.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a few bumps along the way (thank goodness for the emails and phone calls with Shan!!) but I like to think of the process almost as a staggered weaning, for baby and, in my case, for mom too. We were happy to not be banished from her bedroom to let her cry it out. Instead we were able to provide support (which made us feel better) while allowing her to figure out how to sooth herself (which made her much happier).

I highly recommend this sleep training method and Shan’s services to anyone with a child having sleep issues.

Danika and Matthew, Calgary, AB