He is a much happier baby now that he understands how to put himself to sleep.

Like most of the other families, I sought out Shan when I was at the end of my rope.  My son was never a great sleeper and we gradually had to add more and more ‘props’ to get him to sleep better.  It started innocently enough with swaddling and rocking, then we added in bouncing on an exercise ball, a pacifier, and even propping him up on pillows in the crib to get in some decent sleep in the night.  Friends started to tell me that it would get better at 12 weeks (which came and went), then 3 months (which also came and went), and then six months (which I wasn’t prepared to wait around for).  My 4 month old son was getting up every hour or two during the night, and it would take at least as much time to get him resettled back to sleep each time.

A friend had told me that Shan was able to get her daughter to sleep 11-12 hours at night and take  long naps during the day. My sleep deprived self couldn’t wait to find out if Shan would be able to help me teach my son to sleep as well.  Well she did and with Shan’s help, I no longer have a son that has multiple night wakings and more importantly I don’t spend each night dreading how bedtime will go.  Shan supported us during the difficult times and helped me stay with the program, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the difference she has made for my family and son.  He is a much happier baby now that he understands how to put himself to sleep and it has even translated into him being more independent and willing to play on his own during the daytime.  I am glad I stuck to my gut instincts and contacted Shan when I did, rather than wait to see if my son would just improve on his own.  And more importantly, I now also know what steps to take with our next child to avoid getting stuck with bad sleep habits.  Goodbye props!

Jessica, Calgary, AB