From skeptical and stressed to full blown believer :)

I remember the Sunday morning I decided to call Shan at Jammytime Sleep Solutions. I was flipping through my baby sleep book for the millionth time stressing over the fact my 3 month old son Taitum was not sleeping. Tait was never the greatest of sleepers but now it was going on 3 weeks of horrible night wakings which started as every 3 hrs, then every 2 hrs and then every hour to 1.5 hrs. I was so sleep deprived I honestly felt I was going to loose my sanity. I was stumbling through my days and was begging family to come relieve me so I could nap a few hours, all to start the vicious cycle all over again. That Sunday morning I began scouring the internet as to why my son was so sleep troubled when I stummbed across the Jammytime site. In all honesty I was skeptical and thought, out loud to my hubby, “What secrets could this lady possibly have that I have not already read or tried?” In sheer desperation I called and left a message for Shan to call me back for my free 15 min consultion thinking that I had nothing to lose. If I didn’t like what she had to say the call was free so why not.Needless to say I ended up accepting her help and picked out a package that fit our budget. I was still a bit leary at this point but for the fact I thought my son was not trainable. I was scared that I would have the one baby who would disprove the teachings and I would be left in my same situation. WELL….I will say that I wish I would have called Shan sooner! Not only did my spirited little man take to the program well (night wakings lessened the first night and only a few days and naps were acutally happening!) he proved to me miracles do happen! Not only am I now sleeping through the nights my son is happier and thriving!! Yes it was hard at first but if you stick to the plan laid out for your family I promise you will see results. That in itself if more than enough of a reason to call Shan. You will not be sorry that you did!!

Shereen & Owen, Bonnyville, AB