Emmy is still sleeping about 11 hours a night!

My wife and I had mostly resigned ourselves to a nightly routine of waking every few hours to feed or sooth our 1 year old starting about an hour or two after we went to bed.  Usually, by four in the morning, we had a new joiner in our bed who woke us regularly until sunrise.  We had been living with this for eight months and were exhausted most days.Shan laid out a plan for us and we saw results the first night.  The third night, our daughter slept through the night without either of us getting up to sooth her.  It has been a few weeks and she has been regularly sleeping 11 hours per night without waking.  We are so happy to be getting a good night’s sleep.  It has made a significant improvement to family life, work life and our generally happiness.  I only wish we had done this sooner.

David, Calgary, AB