During the time I was working with Shan, I felt supported and didn’t feel judged.

Before I started working with Shan, I tried various strategies to sleep train. From strategies I read from a sleep guru to asking family and friends for advice.  My intention was to sleep train around 6 months, but 6 months soon became 8 months. I was getting exhausted and knew my son was not getting the sleep he needed as he was waking up 2-3 times a night.  Our schedule wasn’t predictable and unfortunately, I enabled him to develop poor sleep associations such as using a soother and nursing to sleep.  (I was in survival mode.)  I was getting frustrated with dabbling with different strategies that didn’t seem to work permanently and knew that I needed to teach my son skills to sleep independently.

Calling Shan was my last resort and I’m glad I did.  What I found to be really effective when I was working with Shan was to first set goals for my son.  Once I had that in place, she provided a clear and consistent plan to follow through.  The first day was difficult but I kept in mind that by the end of two weeks, my son would be sleeping through the night.  In less than a week, my son was already making huge improvements and his schedule was getting more predictable.  My son was developing self-soothing skills to sleep through the night and stretching his naps (which were my goals).  I couldn’t believe that my child was actually doing this!

As a mom, you have the best intentions for your child.  Sometimes when you want to help your child you end up enabling your child.  Sometimes you fear that you’re not doing the “right” thing and therefore you feel judged.  During the time I was working with Shan, I felt supported and didn’t feel judged.  She offered encouragement as well as feedback and suggestions in a calm manner.  It’s amazing how my son did a 360 with sleeping and it’s all because of Shan. Investing in our child’s sleep was really important for my family and working with Shan was worth it!

Annie, Calgary, AB