Bedtime is now fun, predictable and stress-free.

I am a stay-at-home Dad and believed that my wife was exaggerating when she thought that our 8-month old daughter, Sarah, should be sleeping through the night.  However, with the prospect of both of us returning back to work in 4 short months, my wife convinced me that it would be stressful to get up a number of times a night to give Sarah her bottle, rock her back to sleep and still function at work the next day. We had talked to some friends and they had experienced great success resolving their child’s sleep issues by using a SleepSense consultant.  We got into contact with Shan and she came up with a simple sleep plan that took the bottle and constant soothing (sleep props) out of the equation altogether.It was hard at first because Sarah was learning a new skill (standing up) while we were performing the sleep training.  In Sarah’s view, this new skill took precedence over all other activities, including sleep.  But after some perseverance on our part and with Shan’s continuous support, we were successful in taking away the sleep props (bottle/rocking).  Sarah is now able to figure out how to fall asleep on her own without any props and is sleeping 12-13 hours each night with 1-2 hour naps during the day.I was really skeptical with the process at first, and my wife and I both wanted to give up part-way through the process, but Shan went the extra mile to help us try different approaches and alter the plan to figure out what worked for us and Sarah. Bedtime is now fun, predictable, and stress-free.  We would recommend her services to anyone experiencing similar issues with their child’s sleep.

Bev and Mike Pilling, Calgary, AB