After only one night, we saw a huge change.

I can’t even express the happiness I feel at the end of our 2 week training. I’ve heard so many horror stories about babies sleeping habits and when I found out I was pregnant, first thing I bought was a book about sleep training. My husband and I thought we were so ready to have things right and we were so sure our little angel would sleep through the night in no time. Little did we know….Our son Lucas started having problems when he was 10 weeks, when swing was introduced during the day. Slowly but surely our perfect life started to be more like screaming hell of our baby refusing to take a nap without 40 minute screaming fast. Babies that age need to nap every hour!!!! After we tried about everything and thought doing “cry it out” approach was too early, I decided that we need external help. I was thinking what could she possibly tell me that I don’t already know, I’ve read it all and tried it all. Needless to say, we were very sceptical.
After only one night, we saw a huge change. Things that I thought would not be possible just yet, changed overnight. We were able to get rid of the soother, stop swaddling and adjust to earlier bed time, all the things that I thought weren’t that bad and didn’t need adjustments at his age. At the end we were able to just snuggle our baby, put him in his crib and he would fall asleep on his own. Of course there were good days and bad days, that’s why it is a 2 week training. But overall, the main purpose of teaching him to fall asleep was slowly achieved in a very gentle way, which was super important to us considering baby’s age.

Thank you Shan, from my husband and I, for not only teaching our son to sleep, but also for giving us our sanity back by not dreading every nap and bedtime. Now we are sitting at the cabin, with my whole family, enjoying the lake while everyone is mesmerized by our perfect little sleeper.


Julia, Vlad and Lucas, Calgary, AB