After clearing our schedules, we started the sleep sense program and I am SO glad we did.

I was obsessed with our daughter’s sleep habits from nearly day one. I wanted her to sleep through the night right away, but knowing that that wasn’t realistic, my husband and I did our best to get her into a routine and do whatever we had to do to get her to sleep. For nap time, this often meant sleeping in my arms since she didn’t like her crib very much and I hated to hear her cry when I tried to put her down in it. At bedtime, and during the night, my husband would rotate between feeding her and giving her the soother back. After a couple of weeks of getting up at least 4 times during the night, 3 of which just to give her the soother back, we decided it was time to reach out to a sleep consultant. I had found Jammy Time Solutions online and was really impressed with the success stories shared. I was hopeful that we too could welcome sleep back into our household. We contacted Shan and within a day we had our consultation scheduled. A week later, after clearing our schedules, we started the sleep sense program and I am SO glad we did. Our daughter took a nap in her crib without protest on day 1 and slept through the night on night 2!! She took to the routine Shan developed so well that 2 months later we can happily report she continues to sleep through the night and take regular, fairly predictable naps during the day, all with minimal protest. We went cold turkey on the soother as well and she hasn’t used it since we started the program! We follow the routine just about every night, whether we are home or traveling and it works. Of course, we’ve had a few hiccups, but that’s to be expected. We can enjoy our time with her during the day so much more now and we all wake up happy and well rested in the morning. Thanks Shan and Jammy Time Solutions! Getting sleep back has been life changing!!

Maggie & Kevin, Calgary, AB