A Truly “Life Changing” Experience

We made the decision to call Shan after a friend recommended her to us. She said the experience with Shan was “life changing” and that was enough to convince us. We had been struggling with night wakings and inconsistent naps.

Shan created a personalized plan tailored to our family and provided us with daily support. Our daughter started sleeping through the night on day 1 and has continued to consistently sleep through the night! Shan tweaked our plan daily and actually ended up helping us transition our daughter to one nap a day. Without this daily support, we would not have been able to figure out that this was what our daughter needed. Shan acknowledged and supported our initial concerns about changing our nursing routine and letting our daughter cry at night. These concerns quickly faded as Shan’s approach is so gentle and effective.

Finally, after about 9 months, we were all getting the sleep we really needed. Our schedule and routine works perfectly for our family and my husband and I have regained our evenings back! Calling Shan was the best decision we made and we would not hesitate to recommend her. We are always telling people about Shan when they ask about how our daughter is sleeping! Our experience with Shan was truly “life changing!” Thank you so much Shan!

Erin & Cam, Calgary, AB