Everyone said she will get over it, but she didn’t.

I was lucky enough to chat with a lovely mom the other day who completed 5 Days to a Better Night’s Sleep just over a month ago. Her name is Robyn, she lives in Saskatchewan and she is thrilled her daughter Natalie is sleeping through the night.

In the video, Robyn talks in detail about her experience going through the course. Here are some highlights from the video:

“Everyone said she will get over it, but she didn’t.”

“Before we started, I wanted to have a sound plan and be able to follow through.”

“We were missing the big picture.  I wanted to have all the answers before starting.”

“It was only one tough night. After that, it took about 15 minutes and I don’t even think she really cried.”

“She would lunge to go into her crib.  But it wasn’t always this way!”

“A little bit of tweaking here and there made a real difference.”

“Reach out and ask for help.”

She also gives some good advice for moms that are struggling with their baby’s sleep.

Robyn, Saskatchewan