Spring Forward: Turn Clocks Ahead 1 Hour This Weekend

Long, lazy summer evenings, the smell of BBQ in the air, the feeling of the sun warm on your skin can only mean one thing……….  We turn our clocks ahead one hour this weekend.

This time change is a pretty easy one on families.

Get up at your usual time Sunday morning, turn your clocks ahead one hour and start the day. The bonus…”Your perceive your little one is sleeping in an hour later.”  And that is a good feeling for everyone.

The best way to make the transition to the new time is to split the difference.

If for example your little one usually takes a morning nap round 9:30, you will adjust this to 10:00 am for the 3 days after the time change. This will mean that your baby is going to bed a little earlier or sooner than the normal wait between sleeps, but again it’s not so much so that it’s going to interfere with her schedule too much. It may take her a bit more time to fall asleep as she may not be as tired, but in a week’s time she will be back on track again. On day and night 4, move to the correct time on the clock again.

I know I am excited for more sunlight in the evening!


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