Sleepless in the Summer

Is bedtime creeping later and morning coming earlier?

It has everything to do with the sun. Our body clock is set by exposure to light.  So in the summer, we naturally sleep less.  

But with children these late bedtimes and early mornings can leave you with an overtired, cranky child.

Some tips to help with sleep during the summer:

1.  A black out curtain in your child’s room will be necessary. Ideally, it is as dark in their room at noon as it is at midnight. No 5am sun peaking in there!

2.  A white noise machine is great to drown out the noise of the backyard BBQ’s that may happen after your child is in bed. You know the noisy neighbours with the loud music! 

3.  And really stick to a sleep routine the days you are at home. And then on those special days when you are out enjoying all that summer has to offer, your child will be well rested and able to take it all in stride. You still want to shoot for 80% of naps at home in the crib. Most children can handle this without too much disruption to their overall routine.

Enjoy the warm summer days, long summer evenings and sleep filled nights!

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