Paediatric Sleep Consultant Mentorship Program

You can have it all. No, you really can!

Are you a stay at home mom that would like to make a little money and have a career while still staying at home to raise your kids? Maybe you are on maternity leave and the thought of returning to work makes you cry? Or you could be just tired of your current job and looking for a career change?

You can train to become a paediatric sleep consultant.  The fun starts with a 4 day, small group LIVE on-line training. The next group starts at the end of January!   We will spend half of our time talking about sleep and the other half talking about the business side of things. We even have a branding specialist as part of our 4 days.   It is then followed by a 1 year extensive mentorship period with unlimited one on one support, along with monthly webinars and group call ins to get your business up and running.  And after that I will always be here when you need support the most.

You will learn about the sleep side of things such as the science of sleep, sleep strategies for newborns, infants and children, schedules, bedtime routines and naps, healthy sleep environments, sleep safety, breastfeeding, crying, controversy around sleep training and sleep plans and questionnaires to name a few.

On the business side of things you will learn about marketing, how to get clients, keys to success, websites and e-mail, networking, client management systems, dealing with clients, 15 minute calls, making the sale, accounting, naming and branding your business, business structures and creating brochures and business cards.

This is not your run of the mill sleep consulting training program.  This will be customized and tailored to you and what you need to run a successful business and launch a new career.

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Your dream job awaits!

You can have a career, be your own boss and be there for your kids and family when they need you most.

You will not have miss out on field trips, Christmas concerts and Mother’s Day teas because you have to be at work. You get to set your own schedule and pick your own hours.

You will have a business that continues to grow each year. You will learned so much and be able to earn a great income. A little spending money for mom never hurts!

You will be so fortunate to be in a profession that really matters. Sleep is a basic need and so many of the families will have life changing experience after working with you. You will help moms out of depression and even rescue a few marriages!

You can always work around your family, because as we all know, they come first.

This a dream job that just doesn’t exist in the real world.