Night Feeds



Does your baby still need a night feed? The rule of thumb is that babies become metabolically capable of sleeping through for 10-12 hours around 3 months and/or 13 pounds. For babies 3-6 months I take it case by case if we keep a night feed in the schedule. Many babies will start to sleep through the night once they develop the skills to fall asleep on their own.

Between 5-6 months, it is best to start giving your baby that gentle nudge to cut the night feed out if they have not done so already. At this age I find it ends up causing night time sleep to become inconsistent and you can get lots of random wakings with baby wondering if it is feeding time yet. This happens when they are not waking out of hunger anymore, but out of habit.

And the most important part of the night feed is that baby needs to stay AWAKE for the whole feed and go back in the crib AWAKE after the feed.

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