How much does it cost to teach my baby to sleep?

One of the questions sleep deprived parents want to know : How much does it cost to teach my baby to sleep?

There are lots of options out there. Books, on-line programs, sleep consultants and in-home, overnight sleep nannies. With so many options available, price varies drastically.

So why pay for customized support when you could buy a book for $20.  The answer is because most people understand the importance of having a baby that is getting the appropriate sleep they need for proper growth and development. And they want to do it right the first time with professional support so they know all they have is great sleep ahead.

Many parents love their child unconditionally and want what is best for their child. Understanding that establishing healthy sleep habits at a young age will set their child up for a lifetime of great sleep. And prevent issues later related to poor sleep such as obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. Check out some very interesting research that came out recently on this topic

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of sleep with the only goal of finding the “cheapest” solution. And then sadly, they do not have success, give up and just accept years of poor sleep.

The Jammy Time group of consultants thoroughly believe that working with a paediatric sleep consultant is the best option to educate families on the importance of sleep and more importantly to give them all of the tools and support to teach their child to sleep well.

Having a plan that is laid out step by step leads to less crying for your baby, less stress for the parent and overall better sleep for everyone.

There are 2 options….

On-line Sleep Course:  How to Teach Your Baby to Sleep Well This on-line course includes all of the knowledge and tools you need to teach your child to sleep well in 8 nights. You also leave with a customized sleep plan and sleep logs to carry out the plan.   Bonus material sets you up for success long term with information on nap transitions, daylight savings time, travelling and ideal sleep for different ages. With this option, the parent is responsible for implementing the plan.  Although the plan is laid out step by step and easy to follow, it does require commitment and consistency to ensure the best success. I recommend this course to parents that are motivated and want to get started tonight. The cost of this course is $197, which gives you lifetime access.

Private Consultation: A 1 hour phone call and 2-3 weeks of one on one support with daily e-mails and phone calls throughout with a certified paediatric sleep consultant.

Many parents, especially sleep deprived ones would rather just deal with a professional.  They have tried many things and are just too tired to try and figure out the right solution on their own.  This is a popular package as families love the one on one support with an e-mail every day and 4 phone calls throughout the 2-3 week support period. We are there to answer questions, further customize the plan, be your biggest cheerleader and ensure you meet your goal and have success. Prices for this service start at $497.

As you can see, the prices vary quite a bit, just as they should considering every family has different needs and budgets.

Purchasing a book can work for many families, but many run into trouble when they do not see progress after 1-2 nights or their baby does not respond the way the books says. The success rate is about 50%.

Purchasing an on-line course or program can work well for parents who are motivated to teach their child to sleep well on their own.  You receive all of the knowledge and tools you need to get the job done. These programs totally trust in the fact the parents are going to follow the plan and be consistent. Success rate is 70%.

Work with a paediatric sleep consultant and the success rate is 100%.  It is the support that helps you meet your goal and ensure you have success. And we all know the price of a full nights sleep is priceless.

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