Tip #4 Falling Asleep At Bedtime


As you know from the last post it is super important your baby falls asleep from wide awake in their crib at bedtime. What can you do to support them as they are learning to do this independently?

You can choose one of 2 methods. Sit and support or come and go. Sit and support starts out with you at the crib side and you gradually remove your support over the course of 8 nights. Or you can use come and go where you are in the room for 1-2 minutes and then out for 10-12 minutes repeating until your baby falls asleep.

Is there a time limit at bedtime for your baby to fall asleep? The answer is no. Once you start, you need to jump in with both feet and see it through. It takes a baby an average 1 hour to fall asleep on night one. If you throw in the towel after a certain period of time, you are only teaching your baby to cry long and hard. And that is not fair to your baby! And you!

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