Early Mornings


How to deal with an early bird!

You might be surprised to hear it all starts with bedtime.

• Ensure the bedtime feed is before bath or at the beginning of the routine and your little one is wide awake for the feed.

• Ensure baby is going down wide awake all on her own.

• Ensure baby is not at all overtired.

• If baby wakes between 5am-6am it is best to stay out of the room if at all possible. Seeing mom or dad is just too stimulating and now they know you are awake too, so there is usually no going back to sleep. They think it is party time!

• Wait until a minimum of 6am to take baby out of the crib.
• Ensure the room is pitch dark and you are using white noise to drown out all of those early morning noises like Dad getting ready for work.
• It can take 4-6 weeks of being super consistent before your baby’s body clock is reset and he starts sleeping in later.

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